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DIY Nail Polish Rack

In the beginning of October I moved and needed to come up with a new way of storing my nail polish. Again I looked into buying a nail polish wall rack but then decided that I could probably make something for much cheaper.

I searched on youtube and lo & behold there were quite a few videos on DIY nail polish racks. I watched a couple and put together ideas from the ones I watched and made two nail polish wall racks.

One video I came across, the girl used cheetah print duct tape to personalize hers. I fell in love with the idea and did the same thing. Except I put duct tape on the sides and shelves of my rack.

Below you will find instructions on how I made my wall racks. If you are a visual person, go and watch nguerriero19’s DIY: Nail Polish Wall Rack video.



·         3 foam boards (20x30)

·         hot glue gun/glue sticks

·         box cutter/scissors

·         1” nails

·         pencil & ruler

·         scrap book paper or patterned duct tape (optional)


*You can use scrap book paper or duct tape to decorate your nail polish rack and make it your own.




Take your first board and with your ruler and pencil draw a horizontal line every 5 inches.


Take your second board and cut out 6 2” horizontal pieces and put aside.


With the rest of the second board, cut out 6 1” horizontal pieces and put aside.


Take your third board and cut out 2 2 ½” vertical pieces and put aside.


Take your 2” pieces and glue them along the lines made on your first board. The last piece you should glue along the bottom edge of the board.


Make sure to glue along the top and bottom of the shelves as well.


Flip over your board and push through 5 nails every 4 inches through the shelves. This will help to secure your shelves and keep them from slanting.


Take your 1” pieces and glue them to your shelves. This will create a lip that will prevent your nail polishes from falling off.


Lastly glue your 2 ½” pieces to each side of your board.



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